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Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 24 | 10AM–1PM

with Gen Kelsang Tsoglam

Energize Your Mind

Feeling depleted? Join us for inspiring energy!

Meditation and mindfulness are popular, but without certain inner conditions they won’t necessarily bring results.

Learn how to prepare your mind for meditation to get more out of your practice.

Everyone is welcome!

Grief & Loss

Saturday, May 1 | 10–11:30AM

with special guest teacher, Kadam Kyle Davis

The Lost Art of Contentment

In our search for happiness, we tend to spend a lot of time thinking about what we can change hoping to find happiness in some alchemy within the external aspects of our life.

Learn how to find real freedom from restlessness and dissatisfaction by seeking happiness where it can actually be found—within.

Everyone is welcome!

Featured Classes

Whether you are new to meditation or looking to improve your practice, our weekly meditation classes are suitable for all levels of expeirence. Join us for teaching, guided meditation, discussion, and Q&A.