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Atisha Kadampa Buddhist Center is located in the Fox Point neighborhood of Providence. We offer meditation and modern Buddhism for all levels of experience.

You’ll feel welcome at any weekly class, retreat, or special event. We’re here as a place of refuge and to support you on your path.

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Whether you’re new to meditation or looking to improve your practice, our weekly meditation classes are suitable for all levels of experience. Join us for teaching, guided meditation, discussion, and Q&A.

Featured Events

Come Together—Special Community Gathering

September 20 – 25


Fearless Heart

Offered in-person and online (see booking website for details)

with Gen-la Kelsang Jampa

Fear and anxiety plague our world. As we deal with everything from minor insecurities and social anxiety to concerns about major world events., It’s hard to find a sense of safety and tranquility. Even worse, our fears often stop us from doing what’s right for ourselves and others. During this US Festival we will discover how to develop a spiritual power by relying on Buddha Vajrapani that will help us break out of this fearful state into a courageous, empowered attitude. We will also learn how to harness the five forces, a special inner tool to bring about radical, positive change in our life.

Buddha Vajrapani is the Buddha of spiritual power. With the development of spiritual power we possess the confidence, inner strength and skill not only to take on and defeat our own delusions, but to be of great benefit in helping free others from their delusions as well. Nothing could be more meaningful.

The empowerment is a beautiful and inspiring guided meditation and ritual in which we are introduced to Buddha Vajrapani from whom we then receive many blessings, adding great power to our own practice as well as sowing seeds for our future attainment of enlightenment.

Everybody Welcome