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Journey Into the Mind

With Kadampa Teacher Lloyd Williams

Classes include guided meditation, a talk, and Q&A. No experience needed. Everybody welcome.

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Journey Into the Mind

Buddha teaches that our mind is not our brain, nor is it physical, made of atoms and molecules. Rather, it is described as a formless continuum whose nature is clarity, empty like space, and that has the power to perceive.  It is this non-physical, very subtle mind that continues when our physical body dies.
In meditation, we learn to recognize our very subtle mind, to understand its nature, function and location. Meditating in this way has many profound benefits.  In this series, we will contemplate Buddhist teachings on the mind, explore some of the many benefits of recognizing our own very subtle mind, and spend ample time in meditation to gain our own personal experience of it.

Each class includes a teaching and guided meditation. No experience is needed and you don’t need to be a Buddhist. Everyone is welcome!



May 5

What is the Mind


May 12

Recognizing Our Own Mind


May 19

Mind as Creator


May 26

Our Mind as Ally and Friend

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