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Sunday 11AM–12:15PM

This meditation class is presented through Zoom.

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Sunday Morning | 11AM–12:15PM
Deepening Our Meditation Practice:
Mindfulness & Overcoming Distractions

We are easily distracted. However, even more so with changing news swirling around us — we can easily get obsessed with focusing on negativity and getting caught in a whirlwind of worry and anxiety. 

If you want to start a meditation practice or you want to deepen your skills and qualities of meditation, this class can benefit you. Strong concentration leads to strong meditation, which in turn enables our spiritual practice to bring about real inner change and progress — peace of mind. 

During this series, we will explore the following:

> Special techniques for overcoming distractions

> Improving our focus in and out of meditation

> Special methods for developing deep absorption in our meditation 

Applying these methods will help in every area of our life, including our meditation.

Mar 22 — Concentration and the Power of Meditation
Mar 29 —  Mindfulness and Overcoming Distractions
Apr 5 — How to Improve Concentration in Meditation
Apr 12 — Learning Meditative Absorption 
Apr 19 — The Bliss of Higher Concentration

$10, $5 for seniors & students, free to members

How to best experience a class through Zoom

Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, by sounds or by others. Turn off your phone. Set up a cushion on the floor or sit in chair that will allow you to sit comfortably with your back straight.

You do not need to be Buddhist to attend and benefit. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience is necessary.

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About the Teacher

Taught by Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Chokyi, Sunday Meditation gives us an opportunity to connect with our inner peace by deepening our understanding and experience of Kadam Dharma. Each class includes a short discussion and two guided meditations. Suitable for all levels of experience. Everyone is welcome.

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