Liberating Prayer


How to Live Fully in the Moment

Saturday, December 16th, 10am-1pm

With Kadampa Teacher, Kitty Connolly

Do you often find yourself stuck in the future rather than living in the “here and now”? Perhaps you’re a worrier, tied up in knots about what might be coming next? Or do you have baggage you are carrying from the past? Our precious human life is taking place right now, this very moment. It is not taking place in our past and it is not taking place in our perceived future. And yet, the past and the future is where we spend so much of our mental time. This is not a strategy for happiness, only for distraction. The time to experience and create the life you truly wish yours to be is right now, in this very moment. In this mini meditation retreat, through bringing together aspects of Buddha’s teachings on karma, impermanence, and the transformative power of our own mind, we will learn to develop a deep appreciation of how every moment of our life is a true marvel, providing us with the joyful opportunity to create the causes for the fulfillment of both our temporary and our deepest wishes.

No experience is necessary for this introductory class. Everyone is welcome!

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