Cuppa with Community

Disconnect & Connect


Cuppa with Community

Disconnect & Connect

First Friday of the Month

Join us for an evening of connecting with sangha—your spiritual community.

Take time to unwind with a cup of tea and friends, old and new. In fact, connecting with sangha is not only refreshing and relaxing, it can also speed our progress on the path.

Share insights, ask questions, and be inspired. It’s an open format designed to allow for rewarding and meaningful conversation… and good clean fun!

Disconnect from your usual busy-ness and connect with sangha.

We hope to see you there!


Everyone Welcome!

FRIDAY, MAY 7 @ 6:30PM

During the meditation break, we should always apply effort to receiving Buddha’s blessings, putting Dharma into practice, and receiving help from Sangha, the pure spiritual practitioners including our Spiritual Teacher.