Chanted Prayers are special group meditations (sometimes called “pujas”) that are an aspect of training in a spiritual life. They help us to still our mind, connect with the Buddhas, and receive the inspiring energy of blessings.

Below are the chanted prayers we regularly engage in at the center. Although we can’t come together physically, we can still gather in this special way, creating many causes for more peace in our world.

All chanted meditations are free. Everyone welcome.

Our chanted meditations are now via Zoom


Offering to the Spiritual Guide | Oct 25 |6:30-8:30pm | Meeting ID: 856 4414 1840 | Passcode: 455389

Wishfulfilling Jewel October 29th | 6:30-7:30pm | Meeting ID: 841 8559 0664 | Passcode: 048879

Powa (prayers for the recently deceased) Nov 7 | 9:00-10:00am | Meeting ID: 816 5931 5227 | Passcode: 606420

Heart Jewel

Wednesdays 12-12:55pm | Meeting ID 819 0058 1476 | Passcode: 771499

Thursday Evenings 7-8pm | Meeting ID: 879 0547 4042 | Passcode: 176722

Sundays 2-3pm | Meeting ID: 839 0309 2542 | Passcode: 759215


If you need help with Zoom or joining AKBC Chanted Prayers, please email us at:

If desired, prayer booklets in paper and ebook form are available through but you can

Prayer Dedications

Prayers are a powerful way to help our friends and family, or anyone that is experiencing mental or physical suffering. If you would like to request prayers for someone, please complete the form below. Dedications start fresh at the beginning of each month.