Chanted Prayers

We are offering live video streaming of our weekly and monthly chanted prayers through private Facebook Groups. A Facebook account is required and you will need to ‘JOIN’ in advance in order to participate. Chanted Prayers are free of charge, donations are accepted. Prayer booklets in paperback and ebook form are available through

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Chanted Prayers that are available through live video streaming:
(please check the calendar for days and times):

• Heart Jewel
Tara Puja
Wishfulfilling Jewel with Tsog
• Offering to the Spiritual Guide with Tsog
• Melodious Drum with Tsog

Donations for Tsog Pujas

If you need help in creating a Facebook account or joining AKBC Chanted Prayers, please email us at:

Prayer Dedications

Prayers are a powerful way to help our friends and family, or anyone that is experience mental or physical suffering. If you would like to request prayers for someone, please complete the form below. Dedications start fresh at the beginning of each month.