Guru Yoga & Mandala Offering Retreat | Saturday, May 25

Creating merit, receiving blessings, and fulfilling spiritual wishes
We have all tried to find happiness by improving material things and external conditions, but instead of making us happy, improving external conditions has only increased the suffering, dissatisfaction, and fear in the world. We can see this very clearly. From our side, therefore, we need to seek happiness from a different source.
We all wish for spiritual realizations, pathways to pure happiness, but these depend upon creating certain inner conditions such as purifying negativity, accumulating merit, and receiving blessings.
In this retreat we focus on the preliminary practices of accumulating merit, or positive energy, by making mandala offerings and receiving blessings by engaging in Guru Yoga practice. This is a special practice that enables us to strengthen our connection with our Spiritual Guide. In this way, we can realize our deepest wish to experience lasting happiness. 

This retreat is led by AKBC Resident Teacher and Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Chokyi. Suitable for those wishing to deepen their experience of refuge.

$20/full retreat, $5/session, free to FP and Patron Members

Retreat Schedule

9—10:30am Session 1
11am—12:30pm Session 2
Lunch break (BYO)
2—3:30pm Session 3
4—5:30pm Session 4


"Sometimes it is helpful to do a meditation retreat. This can just be one day, or a weekend, or longer if you have the time. On retreat we stop all forms of business and extraneous activities in order to emphasize a particular spiritual practice."
- Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche


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