Creating a Sacred Space

Learn how to create a Kadampa Buddhist shrine

SUNDAY, JAN 26 | 12:45–1:45PM

with Susan Dearing

In Buddhist tradition, our personal home shrine is built with love and purpose as a precious place of refuge. It assists us with our meditation practice and is a source of virtuous actions—helping us to develop inner peace and accumulate merit. A qualified Kadampa Buddhist shrine can be created quickly with a few special objects. 

Learn how Buddha’s body, speech, and mind appear on our shrine, the meaning of the offering bowls, and how and why we make offerings daily, including those made to Dorje Shugden, our Dharma protector.

If you are interested in establishing a qualified Kadampa Buddhist shrine and wish to know more about how to incorporate it into your daily practice, please join us. 

This workshop is led by Susan Dearing, Senior Kadampa Teacher at AKBC.

This is a FREE event. Everyone interested is welcome to attend.
No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome.

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