Experience a flexible and happy mind—in daily life and in meditation

We use concentration all the time in daily life—at work, running errands, or just washing the dishes—by focusing on an object single-pointedly. Concentration gives us the freedom to accomplish whatever we wish. Without concentration our mind has no freedom and is forced to go wherever it is led by attachment, hatred, or other delusions.

Through training in concentration we learn to move and hold our mind on virtuous objects, like compassion and wisdom, in order to gain insights and realizations. Pure concentration has many benefits; one benefit is that it makes our mind and body feel flexible and calm.

In this series you will learn techniques in concentration that will enable you to experience a flexible and happy mind, both in your daily life as well as your meditation practice. For the most benefit, you can engage in a structured 4-week meditation training at home concluding with Friday evening Heart Jewel chanted prayers (Mar 29, May 31, Jul 19, and Nov 22) from 6:30-8PM.

Each Saturday class will use Prayers for Meditation chanted prayers followed by a meditation, teaching, and Q&A. Led by Gen Kelsang Chokyi, Buddhist nun and Resident Teacher at AKBC.

$15/per class, $10/seniors and students (includes Friday evening)
Free to FP and Patron Members

Remaining Classes are Jun 22, and Oct 19