AKBC Teachers

Gen Kelsang Tsoglam, Resident Teacher

Resident Teacher, Gen Tsoglam, has been studying and practicing Kadampa Buddhism for many years. Her teachings are heartfelt, practical, and presented with warmth and humor.

Prior to her arrival here, Gen Tsoglam was the resident teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center Bloomington, IN, Tushita Kadampa Buddhist Center in Olympia, WA, and taught  extensively throughout the NY/NJ area.

Gen Kelsang Tsoglam teaches the Foundation Program in Providence and Worcester, as well as Wednesday Night and Sunday Morning meditation classes. She also guides Mini Meditation Retreats, Foundation Retreats, and Special Events throughout the year.

Susan Dearing—Monday Lunchtimesd_crop_200x200 Meditation

Susan is a long time practitioner of Kadmapa Buddhism and meditation. She presents her teachings from the heart, with concise and immediately relevant practicality.


Jason Valcourt—Tuesday Night Meditation

Jason has always been an avid seeker of spiritual growth and has been studying Kadampa Buddhism and meditation for over ten years, and is a singer-songwriter and organic vegetable farmer. He draws on a broad spectrum of personal and professional experiences to enhance his teachings.

In his classes, Jason focuses on practical methods for applying Buddha’s teachings to improve the quality of our daily lives. He also does community outreach meditation classes at Wheeler High School.


Laura McPeake—Thursday Lunchtime Meditation

Laura McPeake has been studying and practicing Kadampa Buddhism for over 20 years. Her interactive teachings help people explore Buddhist concepts both in meditations as well as in work and relationships.

Professionally her work in the emergency department informs her teachings, giving her practical examples of the importance of being kind and present in the moment.

Lloyd Williams—Thursday Night Meditation: Worcester

Lloyd Williams has been practicing meditation for over 20 years and is a senior Kadampa Buddhist teacher and student. He brings a very practical and clear understanding and experience to his teachings.

Katherine Brown—Friday Morning Meditation: Little Compton

Katherine is a senior Kadampa Buddhist teacher and student. She has been studying Kadampa Buddhism since 2002 and meditation for 40+ years.

In 2000, inspired by the benefits of urban agriculture, she retired from an academic career in health policy and ethics to help people grow their local food system. She is a former Director of Southside Community Land Trust in Providence and lives in Little Compton on Quicksand Pond.

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Angela Stewart—Sunday Kids & Family

Angela teaches meditation for kids and families at AKBC. She is a senior Kadmapa Buddhist teacher, studying and practicing for over eight years. She has learned from Kadampa teachers in Seattle, Philadelphia, and Providence.

Angela’s professional background is in elementary education and psychology. She has over 20 years of experience developing theatre, outdoor, educational, and therapeutic programs for children. She is warm, friendly, and engaging with children and adults alike; her classes are known for being interactive, meaningful, and lots of fun!