With a compassionate mind, we can create peace within ourselves and in the world. To help us do this, we rely upon Buddha Avalokiteshvaraan enlightened being who is a manifestation of all Buddhas’ compassion. By engaging in prayer and reciting his mantra, our mental wishes for peace and harmony for all become extremely powerful. Kelsang Chokyi will give a teaching on developing compassion in our heart and then guide us in meditation to imagine World Peace.
With compassion we pray every day for World Peace and that the people of this world will experience peaceful and happy minds and meaningful lives. Through our pure intention, the power of our prayers and particularly through receiving blessings from enlightened beings, results will come, definitely.”—Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche
Everyone is welcome to enjoy this event so bring your family and friends!

Schedule & Details

11:00AM Avalokiteshvara prayer, teaching, guided meditation, and chanting (by donation)
12:15PM Potluck for Peace—enjoy a harmonious New Year’s Day lunch