The Wednesday morning meditation class meets at the Mason Bldg from 9:30-10am. Drop-in classes. No meditation experience necessary. Everyone is welcome. $5/per person

Mason Bldg, 521 Mt. Hope Street, 2nd Floor, Attleboro, MA 02760


Jun 20 - Jul 25

We all have a wish to be happy all the time and yet we destroy our happiness through negative states of mind (delusions). We should understand that although delusions are deeply ingrained, they are not an intrinsic part of our mind and so they can definitely be removed. Delusions are just bad mental habits, and like all habits they can be broken.

Join Kelsang Chokyi on Wednesday mornings at the Mason Building in North Attleboro to explore how to integrate meditation into your life and how we can begin to recognize and reduce delusions and create new habits of mind that lead to a deep sense of inner peace and joy.

Jun 20 – Seeing Through Craving

Jun 27 – Overcoming Vulnerability

Jul 11 – Quieting our Inner Critic

Jul 18 – Connecting From the Heart

Jul 25 – Waking up to Reality