Katherine Brown is a senior teacher at AKBC and guides the Tuesday morning meditation classes from 9:00-10am. Drop-in classes. No meditation experience necessary. Everyone is welcome.
Little Compton Wellness Center | 115 East Main Road, Little Compton, RI 02837


Aug 14 - Sep 25

The specific objective of this course is to understand what concentration is, why it is so important,​ ​and to learn how to develop our powers of concentration through systematic training in meditation.​ ​Concentration completely determines the power and effectiveness of our spiritual practice, and the​ ​extent to which our mind is under control. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to our happiness​ ​and well-being, and greatly empowers our ability to benefit others.

Aug 14 Mindfulness: The Heart of Mind Training

Aug 21 Watching and Guarding the Mind

Aug 28 Overcoming Distractions

Sep 4 The Power of Intention

Sep 11 Focusing the Mind: The Benefits of Concentration

Sep 18 The Stages of Training in Concentration

Sep 25​ A Meditation Practice: Gateway to Peace