Taught by Jason Valcourt, senior Buddhist Teacher at AKBC, the Tuesday night class gives us medicine for the mind. This meditation class series explores how to solve your human problems. Each class includes a short discussion and two guided meditations. Everyone is welcome.

$8 • $5/seniors & students/ free to members | $35 unlimited membership

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Oct 24 - Nov 21 — 6-part series
The way to deepen our love for others is to familiarize ourself with the practice of cherishing others. To strengthen our determination to cherish all living beings, we will explore how to enhance cherishing love. Although we already cherish our family and close friends, we do not love strangers, and certainly do not love our enemies. Through training in positive states of mind and deepening our commitment to our own growth, we can transform our mind into what is most beneficial in all of our relationships.
Join Jason Valcourt to explore modern and practical teachings from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's book How to Transform Your Life.
Oct 17 — Deepening Our Inner Peace
Oct 24 — Rejoicing In Other's Good Fortune
Oct 31 — Increasing Our Patience
Nov 7 —  Bringing Joy To Our Effort
Nov 14 —  Cherishing Others
Nov 21 —  Love Without Attachment

NEW SERIES - Starting Next Week

Gifts That Keep On Giving

Nov 28  - Dec 19  — 4-part series

Giving can be a powerful action that can have deep spiritual meaning or can be an exchange without much meaning.  In this series on giving, we will explore four types of gifts we can offer to others that have meaning — now and in the future. We will learn how to generate and maintain the mind of giving to transform this holiday season into our spiritual practice.

Nov 28 - Can a Package have Meaning?

Dec 5 - How can Giving Protect Us from Suffering?

Dec 12 - Being a Nurse, Giving Skillful Advice

Dec 19 - The Gift of Love