Taught by Kelsang Chokyi, Buddhist nun and Resident Teacher at AKBC, the Sunday meditation class gives us an opportunity to connect with our inner peace, our happiness. Each class includes a short discussion and two guided meditations. Everyone is welcome.

$10 • $5/seniors & students/free to members | $35 unlimited membership

339 Ives Street at Waterman Street | Providence • 02906 | 401.400.1657

Every living being has the same basic wish — to be happy and to avoid suffering. All our problems and all our unhappiness are created by our uncontrolled mind and our non-virtuous actions. By engaging in the practice of Dharma (Buddha’s teachings), we can learn to pacify and control our mind, abandon non-virtuous actions and their root cause, and thereby attain permanent peace, the true cessation of all our suffering.

Join us for this series to explore the process of seeing the progress of  training our mind reflected in our daily life. Come to enjoy the process of working on your mind so that you can experience more and more inner peace.


April 30 — Subduing our Uncontrolled Mind

May 7— Training the Mind

May 14 — Relying on a Happy Mind

May 21— Reversing Ordinary Attitudes

May 28 — 5 Signs of Inner Peace

June 4 — No Obstacles — Not Even Distractions