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Taught by Buddhist Teacher Angela Stewart, the family class offers a simple introduction to Buddha’s teachings, emphasizing loving- kindness, respect for others, and keeping a happy heart and positive attitude. Each class includes a short discussion about everyday experiences relevant to children, guided meditation, plus fun activities that foster kindness, cooperation, patience and giving. These classes are designed for children ages 5 to 12, and an adult must accompany children. Everyone is welcome.

$5/child • $10/family

339 Ives Street at Waterman Street | Providence • 02906 | 401.400.1657

Modern Buddhism & Meeting the Buddhas

The family meditation class helps kids learn together how to develop harmony, confidence, and methods to calm their minds and be happy. 

Many people think children can’t meditate because they have difficulty sitting still, but this simply is not true. Although sitting still is helpful during meditation practice, it is not required; we can meditate during all of our daily activities simply by holding a positive state of mind, such as love or compassion.
Since all children can learn positive ways of thinking, even about challenging situations, they can definitely learn to meditate, even if they have difficulty sitting still. Like any skill, meditation takes practice. In these classes, children will learn short, guided meditations. As children practice and gain experience, they are able to sit quietly for longer periods of time.
Jan 7 - Our precious human life
Jan 14 - Death and impermanence
Jan 21 - Refuge practice
Jan 28 - Actions and their effects
Feb 4 - Meeting the Buddhas:
Feb 11 - Developing renunciation for samsara
Feb 18 - Developing equanimity
Feb 25 - Recognizing that all living beings are our mothers
March 4 - Meeting the Buddhas
March 11 - No Class; Medicine Buddha Empowerment weekend
March 18 - Remembering the kindness of living beings
March 25 - Equalizing self and others
April 1 - The disadvantages of self-cherishing