We should know that the ordinary way in which we identify with ourself is mistaken and leads us to relate to ourself in limited ways. Perhaps we see ourself as the anxious-self, the lonely-self, or the never-get-it-right-self? Through understanding and practice, we can let go of these limiting views and confidently experience the benefits of seeing and relating to our true self.
Come explore how to first clearly identify your limited self and then connect with the joy of your true self through Buddha’s wisdom teachings and meditation.
This mini meditation retreat is led by Buddhist nun Kelsang Chokyi, Resident Teacher at AKBC. Suitable for all levels of experience. Everyone is welcome.

Mini Meditation Retreat Fees


Sept 9 | Awakening the Heart

Oct 14 | Finding the Hero Within

Nov 11 | Blue Sky Mind

Dec 9 | Freedom from Stress